Gluten-Free Corner

July 22, 2014

Seven years ago I learned that I was gluten, dairy and soy intolerant. Having been known as an enthusiastic baker in college, this discovery stopped me in my tracks. Initially the question was: “What now?” Thankfully there are so many wonderful resources nationally, internationally, online and locally that I had everywhere to look and learn. After many mistakes, ruined recipes, and a very patient husband, my kitchen is free of my dietary enemies (except for my hubby’s treats/breads that are sequestered). With this evolving journey we have learned to eat a varied and healthy diet without sacrificing on taste.

In the coming months I aim to share with you various recipes, ideas, and reviews of establishments in the Finger Lakes. Any one those of you who are celiac, gluten intolerant, gluten allergic, have dermatitis herpetiformis, or are looking for healthier living know how important it is to find good recipes and establishments to dine at. Come and enjoy our experiences!