Veraisons Restaurant at Glenora Winery

May 27, 2015


During our two day venture on Seneca and Keuka Lakes, we made reservations to stay at the Inn at Genora. The restaurant, Veraisons, is adjacent to the Inn and looked tempting so we also made plans to dine there after a full afternoon of wine tasting. We were not disappointed.

The dining room is spacious with a post and beam feel with a wall of windows drawing guests out onto the terrace. It was a beautiful evening, although windy, so we opted to take in the full view of Seneca Lake while dining, wearing our jackets.

Chef Orlando Rodriguez has a wonderful summer menu with suggested wine pairings. We settled for the vegetable summer rolls with a tasty cashew carrot ginger dipping sauce and the brie and fig crostini. The vegetable rolls were expertly rolled and filled with a refreshing combination of apple, carrot, cucumber and Bib lettuce. The brie was melted the perfect amount on the crostini and crowned with sliced succulent figs with drizzled pomegranate molasses. I was surprised and spoiled with freshly toasted gluten free bread and three dairy free accompaniments (olive oil, vegan spread, fig honey mustard spread). The regular sliced bread had the perfect amount of crusty outside and warm and soft inside with three spreads.

Despite the filling appetizers, we fully enjoyed our main entrees. Pan seared Faroe Island salmon was expertly prepared with a crusty crust but a moist, buttery inside with a honey dill drizzle. Accompanying the fish were fat fingerling potatoes, carrots, and french beans and a glass of Glenora’s Seyval Blanc. The grilled Mahi Mahi dish was piled on top of creatively prepared fried yucca, house guacamole, and garlic mojo. We chose Zugibe’s Sauvignon Blanc to pair with this dish.

The overall experience was one of the best we have had of recent memory. The waitstaff was very attentive, pleasant and willing to help us with any questions and requests. Due to my dietary intolerances, I was put at ease regarding avoiding gluten and dairy right away when reading the menu (gluten free, vegan options). However our waiter was even more reassuring and passed along my concerns to the nights’ chef.

Only being in the Caribbean would have made the night more perfect!


If the previous nights’ dining experience was any hint to what we would expect for in the morning, I am not sure we would have slept. Somehow we created an appetite after an adventurous morning run down to the lake and back. It is a good thing we created some room…

The breakfast menu sells itself. Creative and adventurous options should always be an option in the morning when away from home. Overnight dreams of Italian desserts came true for breakfast with the Tiramisu french toast. This dish is not for the light hearted as the thickly sliced brioche barely hides the espresso pastry cream, mascarpone, and crumbled chocolate. Finish this with a cup of Heavenly Cup coffee and you are really ready for day ahead!

The gluten free and vegan pancakes were unbelievably fluffy but hearty at the same time. Flax seeds dotted each hand size cake adding to the nutritional value. One could not tell that these pancakes lacked the normal gluten and wheat ingredients, which is a culinary achievement. The New York State maple syrup and strawberry compote brought the dish to absolute perfection.

Just like the night before, the service was excellent. Our waiter was the same as the night before, (he assured me that he did go home to sleep) and executed the same attention to detail.

Overall, the experience at Veraisons was a spectacular feast for all of the senses that left us both with longing of a future return to continue our indulgence. We look forwards to more opportunities to dine, stay, and enjoy all that Glenora and Veriasons Restaurant has to offer.

Summer 2014